About Us

Passion Meets Purpose empowers the homeless and transforms communities by connecting transformational life coaches, beauty salons, barbershops and wellness professionals to homeless shelters. We are committed to showing residents living in shelters that their lives matter and that they have the ability to access infinite possibilities that allow them to transcend their current circumstances to break future cycles of homelessness.


In the summer of 2015 our founder, Marcia Cole, participated in a challenge from Momentum Education to feed as many homeless people as possible within one hour. Her group fed 60+ people in New York City within a 10-block radius. They were predominately men. The last group she came upon had two women. Her group gave them the last slices of pizza, water, and napkins donated by local shop owners. She noticed how much more appreciative the two women were for the napkins. When she walked away, she pondered what it was like to not have a piece of paper to wipe yourself clean whenever you wanted. She thought about the fact that women can do nothing to prevent their menstrual cycle from coming every month and learned that feminine hygiene products are not easily accessible to women in shelters nationwide. This reminded her of a time in her life when finances were very low and this was also a concern for her. She could not imagine any woman not being able to get feminine products for herself, so she decided to do something. Marcia declared to raise funds on the behalf of homeless women.

She connected with New Jersey-based Distributing Dignity, a 501 (c) (3) organization that does exactly what their name says: distribute items that help women in need to feel more dignified. Distributing Dignity started out delivering new bras and panties, and when they asked the women in the shelters what else they needed, they answered: sanitary napkins and tampons.

Distributing Dignity supports homeless shelters across the country and Marcia decided she would support them. She began a series of wellness fundraisers—yoga and Zumba classes—with sanitary napkins as the price for admission, and co-hosted a salon holiday fundraiser at Hair Rules salon for clients to give back. She also reached out to her network and made requests for purchases via Distributing Dignity’s Amazon page. Her efforts garnered over 25,000 sanitary napkins to be distributed to various shelters in less than two months.

Her experience, plus participating in, and now assisting, transformational life coaching courses at Momentum Education led to her found Passion Meets Purpose. “This non-profit connects my passions–beauty, wellness, transformational coaching, with the purpose of community contribution,” said Cole. “I have worked in media and within the beauty and wellness space, so bringing those worlds together for a greater good is soul work, and I am honored to play my part.”

2018-2019 Goals

Impact 100 Homeless with Life By Design Workshop

Distribute 1,000 Every One Matters Toiletry Bags



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