Passion Meets Purpose connects transformational coaches, beauty and wellness professionals to homeless shelters in New York and Arizona. We partner with shelters to bring our seven-week coaching program to displaced residents.

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Men's Shelter

Acacia Network

Skyway Men’s Shelter, which is a part of the Acacia Network, provides room and board to men experiencing homelessness in Queens, New York.

Family & Women's Shelter


HelpUSA empowers people facing poverty and homelessness to build better lives. Find out more at Helpusa.org.

You Matter Bags

The Other Side Ministries

The Other Side Ministries is a love based ministry that serves the homeless on the streets with food, clothing, and toiletries. Find out more here.

Passion Meets Purpose's program was like a getting a makeover for my soul. The tools the coaches gave us helped me to shift my mindset and to move forward with creating a life that I truly want.

Taina S., HelpUSA resident

Beauty + Grooming Partners


Beauty Brands





Wellness Partners

Pilin Anice

AfroFlow Yoga Instructor

Pilin Anice is a dance and yoga instructor, holistic nutrition coach, performing artist, and model. Find out more about Pilin here.

Francois John

Certified Physical Preparation Specialist

John Francois is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Fascial Stretch Therapist.

Felix Morel

ACE Certified Trainer

Felix Morel is an ACE Certified Trainer, specializing in functional training, boxing, HIIT, calisthenics, and Kettlebells. Learn more about him here.



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