We cannot do the work we have done or do the work we want to do without the commitment of our leadership and team of dedicated volunteers.

Board of Directors

Marcia A. Cole


Marcia A. Cole is the President for Passion Meets Purpose. She is also the CEO of Ivy Digital.

Hashim Bello


Hashim Bello is the Treasurer for Passion Meets Purpose. He is also a Vice President at Morgan Stanley.

Robinson Lynn

Vice President

Robinson Lynn is the Vice President for Passion Meets Purpose. He is also the Executive Director of Momentum Education.

Terrance Neill Johnson

Vice President

Terrance Neill Johnson is the Vice President, Fundraising for Passion Meets Purpose. He is also a Ropes Leadership Facilitator and a Middle School Campus Director in Harlem.

Tracey Cooper


Tracey Cooper is the Secretary for Passion Meets Purpose. She is also the Digital Strategist of Ogilvy Commonhealth.

Katina Lee-Miller

Vice President

Katina Lee-Miller is Vice President, Marketing and Communications for Passion Meets Purpose. She is also a Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Interactive One.


Interested in volunteering your time and talent with Passion Meets Purpose? We’d love to have you join one of our committees. Below are the various committees in need of your support. Click here to tell us about yourself and how you can support our awesome volunteer teams.

Communications Committee:
Members of this committee are passionate about telling stories. They work on our website, social media, email correspondences, press releases and promotional events. We seek members who are passionate about writing, photography and/or videography to produce captivating stories of people making an impact in all communities.

Committee Chair: Katina Lee Miller

Fundraising Committee: 
Members of this committee love ideating unique fundraising events, finding sponsors and applying for grants.

Committee Chair: Terrance Neill-Johnson

Operations Committee:
No organization runs on its own or without clear processes to operate at its best. Our Operations committee members help to keep the trains of our programs running. They work with each committee to ensure processes are implemented with best-practices.

Committee Chair: Tracey Cooper

Integrated Marketing Committee:
Members of this committee are dedicated to developing and promoting our message and developing marketing partnerships to expand nationally.

Committee Chair: Katina Lee-Miller

Nathalie Louis-Charles,
Rhonda Coleman-Dillahunt, Operations
Beverly King, Operations
Garnell Shumate, Events

Denise Dixon,
M. Anthony Hopkins, Editor
Lenina Mortimer
, Editor
Taina Solano, Writer
Eurila Cave, Photography
Dayo Oyedele, Video Editor
Ivy Digital

Crispin Booker
, Assistant Coach
Terrance Neill Johnson, Assistant Coach
Jonathan Joseph, Assistant Coach



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