We teach personal development and life management tools to shelter residents through our Life By Design workshop. Life By Design is our seven-week transformative life coaching program, which is grounded in the core principle that everyone matters and the universal belief that each person on the planet has a specific purpose.

Certified Life Coaches deliver our weekly experiential workshops and meet with participants to teach distinctions around trust, authenticity, the power of choice, forgiveness, fiscal responsibility, facts versus beliefs, responsibility for community, and how to live a life by design, not by default. Participants create an intentional roadmap on how to transition out of the shelter using S.M.A.R.T. goals. Those who participate gain complimentary grooming services from any of our salon/barbershop and wellness partners.

Passion Meets Purpose transforms mind, body, and soul.  Each new program offers weekly mid-day wellness classes and after-work/weekend transformational coaching sessions.

Transformational life coaching that covers self-worth, renewal, and new possibilities. Frequency: 7 weeks, once-a-week.

Passion Meets Purpose provides complimentary wellness opportunities via:

-Yoga, fitness and meditation classes
-Grooming services by salon professionals
-Every One Matters toiletry bags

2018-2019 Goals

Impact 100 Homeless with Life By Design Workshop

Distribute 1,000 Every One Matters Toiletry Bags



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